Premium Silent Xaloc Large Ceiling Fan with DC Motor

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Xaloc Large is a silent fan
ceiling with low consumption and high resistance.
It is equipped with a DC motor that provides
energy savings of more than 50%, control
higher speed, faster changes,
longer life, quieter operation
and lighter weight.

Made of steel in its structure, in
metallic black color and 3 blades from real
132 cm diameter wood (metallic black, mahogany and
light wood colour), combines a robust
and reliable choice with a very beautiful design.

Includes remote control that allows 5
speeds and function activation
summer / winter.

(rpm and Watt=consumption):

– 1st gear: 118 rpm / 7.4W
– 2nd gear: 146 rpm / 12W
– 3rd gear: 178 rpm / 19W
– 4th gear: 193 rpm / 23.1W
– 5th gear: 216 rpm / 33.5W

*It is possible to install it on a sloping roof
with a maximum slope of 15°.

It has a forward and reverse function
air flow to cool the space in summer and
for optimal air circulation in winter,
which achieves significant savings
heating costs.

– Timeless design.
– IP20 protection.
– Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
– Winter and summer operation.
– There are no visible screws.
– Easy installation.
– High resistance for intensive use.
– It has a programming remote control.
– Construction material: Steel, fins from
real wood.
– Warranty: 10 years on the motor.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks