Terms of use

    1. General Terms of Use – subject of the services provided:
      This website www.lightexpert.gr has been created and is owned by the sole proprietorship of DAMI GEORG. IOANNI (hereinafter "company" or "we", "us", "ours"), based in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, on Dim. Mitropoulou 38 with Kanari 2, P.O. 54644, has VAT number 153650462/D.O.Y. Thessaloniki is the sole beneficiary of the website, which is the official and exclusive online store for the exhibition and sale of the company's products (e-shop), which maintains a physical store at the above address.

    Legal use of the services provided to us means your unreserved acceptance of the terms herein and your compliance with the current Greek legislation that governs the said transactions. That is, as long as you decide to use the website and make your online purchase from our stores, you automatically declare that you fully and unconditionally accept these terms and automatically become legally bound as if you had signed. For this reason, before entering and using our online store, please read carefully and ensure that you understand and agree to these terms, rules, statements and conditions. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the User and the business in relation to its subject matter, superseding any and all instruments, agreements, letters and/or contracts, oral or written agreements between the parties to in relation to the matters described herein prior to the date of use of our Services.

    In the event that for any reason any user does not accept one or more of these terms of use, or with the Privacy Policy, he must refrain from using the website and services, otherwise it is assumed that the terms are unconditionally accepted by the particular user.

    The company reserves the right to modify these terms unilaterally without prior notice to users. Any amended version of these terms is posted on this website, superseding the previous version and effective from its posting on said website. For this reason, users must in any case, before receiving any service provided through the Website, be informed about it, as any access or use of the Services after the publication of the amended terms constitutes acceptance of the posted (amended) contract.

    1. Terms of access to the website and special terms of use of our services:
    • The services provided by the company and the products available online through this website require your ability to access the internet.
    • For the successful completion of the purchase or for the simple browsing of this website, it is necessary for the user to notify and for the Company to collect and process information concerning the user and which may constitute his personal data. Each user therefore gives his unconditional permission to the company to collect, use and transmit to the cooperating companies the information required for the provision of its services and the sale of its products, under the terms and conditions recorded in the section "PRIVACY POLICY ». In the event that any user does not agree with the collection, use, processing and/or transmission of his personal data in accordance with these terms, he must stop and refrain from using our services, otherwise it is assumed that these terms are unconditionally accepted by that user. Finally, the User undertakes to provide accurate, true and legal information, which does not mislead, deceive or violate the law.
    • Access and use of the e-shop services must be in accordance with these Terms of Use. Our services are available for personal and non-commercial use only. You may not use any method of monitoring our website (e.g. via spider, scrape) or copy, reproduce part or all of its operation mechanism or its content or any information, for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose, without the prior written permission of the business. In particular, the resale and/or use of any program or other method of intervention in the operating mechanism of our website or in any entry contained therein is prohibited. Also prohibited is any action that burdens or abuses the Website's search engine and its technological infrastructure.
    • The company reserves the right to suspend or prohibit the use of its Services to Website users who, at its sole discretion, do not comply with these Terms of Use or provide incorrect information.

    1. Online sale of our products:
      a. Terms of transaction:

    - The main service provided by this website is the possibility of online purchase of our available products for a fee paid upon completion of the order and payment process. Specifically, by entering our website, users have the possibility to select the displayed product(s) of their choice, to find out about their basic features, price and availability, and to proceed with their online purchase.

    - Following the selection of the product and the quantity desired by the user/customer, the website, in order to complete the order, requests the registration of specific personal information, i.e. the e-mail address or mobile phone number, the name (optional) and the user's last name, as well as the exact shipping address, postal code and country of shipment. This is followed by the user's selection of the available shipping and payment method. By card, the payment of the price is made in a separate secure environment of the Bank to which the user must go in order to complete the order. More information on the fee payment process can be found in the "Payment Methods" section.

    - Before completing the online order, users have the option to modify the quantity of products or remove one or all of the products they have placed in the cart. In case the order has already been registered, no cancellation is possible. The company lightexpert.gr does not accept returns for any reason other than the defective product. For more information about our returns policy, please see the next chapter.

    - The ownership of all products sold remains with the company until the full and complete payment of the price and all kinds of additional contractual costs and expenses that may be borne by the customer (transport costs, taxes, duties, customs duties). After delivery of the sold products the risk of damage or destruction and loss thereof is automatically transferred from the company to the customer/buyer. The customer/buyer must check the products upon receipt at the time of delivery of the order, the condition of the products and the intactness of their packaging in order to identify any defects created during transport. For more information about shipping our products, please consult the relevant "Shipping Method" section.

    - The use of the online store by minors or persons lacking legal capacity is prohibited.

    b. Liability Disclaimer:

    - The company, with regard to the products presented in its online store, is committed not only to the validity of the basic characteristics associated with them, but also to the quality, completeness and validity of the information posted on the website. The accuracy of the details of the services provided by the online store is guaranteed to the same extent subject to any errors, of a technical or typographical nature that have occurred unintentionally or by mistake. Taking into account the nature of transactions through an online store, factors such as the minimum necessary time to update the system, any downtime of the website and also the increased demand affecting the availability of some products, may affect the general process but the company will pay every humanly possible effort to update the system immediately.

    More specifically, the presentation of products and services for sale on the website constitutes an invitation to customers/users for the purpose of submitting a contract proposal and does not in any way constitute a commitment on the part of our company for the availability and adequacy of the displayed products and services. The company bears no responsibility and cannot guarantee the availability of the products displayed in its online store. However, it is committed to promptly informing customers/users in the event of their unavailability.

    • Communication, including any information required under these terms, between us and users/customers takes place via mobile phone or via the email address that the user has provided to the business for this purpose. Therefore, each user must provide the website with their true information, including a valid email address of which they are the legal user, or a valid mobile phone number. It is pointed out that the disclosure of incorrect, inaccurate and/or false contact information may lead to the impossibility and/or refusal to execute the electronic contract and/or to the exclusion of the specific user from using the online store and concurrent liability of the User for the repayment of any completed order, without excluding further liability for compensation.
    • Finally, the company bears no responsibility towards the Users or any third party for direct or indirect damage, lost profits, loss of income or profit, loss of opportunity, loss or destruction of data and in general for any kind of positive or cumulative damage, which is due or related to the access and/or use of this website. The company in particular, except in cases of fraud or gross negligence, does not provide any guarantee, written, oral or otherwise, that the website and the e-shop will at all times be suitable for serving their purposes or needs, nor that the they will operate without problems or interruptions, nor that they will not contain errors or other problems of a technical nature. In particular, the company does not assume any responsibility, except in cases of fraud or gross negligence, for the recovery of any damage caused by you due to insecure access, loss of data, use or non-use of the above, damage to all or part of computers or other hardware, errors of the above software or its interaction with other software, temporary downtime due to technical or other problems beyond its control. However, this does not mean that the company does not make every possible effort for the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the website and the e-shop and your access to them, as well as for the immediate restoration of their operation in case of need. For these reasons, the company is entitled from time to time to suspend the operation of the website, in order to carry out technical checks and its maintenance.

    - In any case, any dispute that may arise between the User and the company can be resolved amicably through the European Commission's Electronic Dispute Resolution platform ( https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home .show ) and the alternative dispute resolution body certified in it - in accordance with the terms of Directive 2013/11/EU - INDEPENDENT AUTHORITY "CONSUMER ADVOCATE" ( http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr ).

    c) Warranty for defective products:

    All LED products sold by our store are covered by a guarantee of good operation which is offered by the respective agencies and is from 2 years or more for the lamps. A product's warranty does not under any circumstances cover damage caused by mishandling, incorrect use, wrong connection, bad or incorrect installation, different voltage, short circuit, fire, high or low temperature, humidity, weather phenomena (lightning, flood, exposure in sun, etc).

    The guarantee is provided by the representative of each product and covers exclusively and ONLY its value if it is defective. In no case does the warranty cover installation - removal - transport and labor costs.

    d. Return of defective or damaged products:

    Our company takes care of the correct and complete packaging of each product in order to minimize the possibility of damage during its transport. In any case, however, it is possible to cause damage or breakage to the products during their transport, and for this reason our company, with a conscience towards the customer, undertakes to replace the broken/damaged product, with the basic condition, however, that the customer will contact us on the same day of receipt of the product, because otherwise it is not possible to determine who is responsible for the damage.

    In the event of a defective product, in order to establish the defect in question, the product must first be returned to our company and, if found, replaced by a new product. Products returned to us are checked and examined by our repair team. The replacement will be approved if a defect is found that is not due to the fault of the customer. In the event that the products are returned damaged or incomplete, lightexpert.gr has the right to request compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to proceed unilaterally and without others to complete or partial compensation of the claim of it against the client.

    NOT returnable: Cut LED Strips, Broken Plastics, Aluminum Profiles, Promotional Products. It is also noted that cases where the returned product is not in its original condition at the time of receipt, it cannot be returned. Our company is not responsible for technical problems caused by a combination of our company's products with other incompatible products during installation.

    If the above conditions are met, the return for the specific cases is done at our expense. In this case, please send the items in their original packaging so that after their replacement they will be sent back to you as you originally received them! If your order was sent by courier, the new product will be sent to you again in the same way. If the order had been received by our store, the change and delivery of the new product will be done again at the store.

    In case of inability to replace the problematic product due to unavailability, an alternative product will be offered after contacting our store. In any case, the customer has the option, instead of replacing the product and if all the above conditions are met, to request a refund of the price paid for the purchase of the product(s) (AND NOT for shipping/installation costs etc), the money is not returned in the same way that the consideration was paid, i.e. to the bank account stated by the customer/user, AFTER REGISTRATION/TELEPHONE OR LIVE UPDATE to our contact details.

    e. Right of Withdrawal:

    In any case, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2251/1994 (Government Gazette 191 A'/November 16, 1994) as amended and in force, the consumer has the right to withdraw without reason from the distance purchase of a product within an exclusive period of fourteen ( 14) calendar days. In this context, within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt, you have the option of returning the purchased products only as long as they are in exactly the same condition in which they were received and provided that they are accompanied by all the necessary documents that prove the your transaction.

    For the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the period of fourteen (14) calendar days starts from the day on which the customer acquires physical possession of the goods or from the day on which the consumer acquires physical possession of the last good in the case of several ordered by the consumer in an order. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal/return, you must notify the e-mail address of customer service of your intention to withdraw before the expiration of the relevant period.

    • 5) Protection of Personal Data:

    Access to our website and the execution of an electronic contract requires the notification to the company of the information necessary for the successful and safe browsing and use of our website, as indicative when submitting an order e.g. name, e-mail address, postal address, mobile phone number, credit card details, etc. By entering the requested information for the execution of each transaction, we are given your explicit consent (opt-in) for the collection, use and processing of your personal data for the above purpose, in accordance with article 6 par. 1 of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR 2016/679) and the relevant Greek legislation, as applicable from time to time.

    More and more detailed information about the protection of personal data, as well as about the use of COOKIES on our website, are available in the sections "PRIVACY POLICY" and "Cookies Policy", which is an integral part of these Terms.

    6) Intellectual property rights of the company as the owner of the website www.lightexpert.gr:

    All the information, logos, elements and illustrations, photographs, website names, images and in general the content posted on our website as well as the software and applications, including the visual part, used for the operation and the management of the e-shop, are the property and intellectual property of the company. Each user must use the provided digital information exclusively and only in accordance with its intended use, i.e. for the completion of the service he has chosen and refrain from any attempt or action of reproduction, appropriation, copying, alteration, modification and in general unauthorized their use, or otherwise use that does not serve their intended use.

    All the trademarks and distinctive features, whether they are registered or not, that are posted on our website, belong to the company and/or to the other cooperating companies. Each User must refrain from any action of exploiting, appropriating, altering and in general unauthorized use of these distinguishing features as well as from any attempt to mislead the public regarding the beneficiary thereof, the service providers and/or the identity of the administrator. Otherwise, the User will compensate the company for any damage it may suffer from the above causes.

    It is expressly clarified again, to remove any doubt that users have no right to use or exploit the information, services and products provided through the Website by the company for commercial purposes, e.g. to provide matching or other services to third parties with or without financial consideration, except for personal use in accordance with these Terms.

    7) Contact:

    Each user may contact us for any clarification, clarification or assistance in relation to these terms, according to the methods included in the "Customer Service" and "Contact" sections.

    8) Final remarks:

    Non-acceptance of these terms or violation of them in whole or in part gives us the right to reject the order of the specific user and/or block his access to the website and the online store.

    For specific services, such as e.g. for a specific activity or promotion, additional ones may apply, which in any case will be communicated to the User. These supplemental terms are in addition to this agreement and are considered an integral part of the Terms, and to the extent that the supplemental terms differ from those below, the supplemental terms will control.

    The relations between customers and the company are governed by and interpreted under Greek Law, and the courts of Thessaloniki are exclusively responsible for the resolution of any related dispute.

    The original version of these Terms in the Greek language may have been translated into other languages. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or interpretation of these Terms or any inconsistency or inconsistency between the Greek version and any translation of these Terms into another language, to the extent permitted by law, the Greek language version shall apply, prevail and be considered final.