You can order the products you want in 3 simple ways!

1. By placing your online order 24/7 at lightexpert.gr

2. Via e-mail at giannis@lightexpert.gr

3. By phone order at 2310-859592

For orders up to €300 the shipping cost is €10.
For orders over €300, shipping costs are FREE.

All our products come with a 2-5 year warranty. (depending on the type of lighting)
*On each product page the corresponding guarantee is indicated.

At Lightexpert.gr you can pay in the following ways:

Debit Cards
At Lightexpert.gr you can pay with your debit card.
*Credit card details are protected through an online security system (256-bit SSL) which guarantees a completely secure transaction environment.

Deposit/Remittance to Bank Account

IBAN GR47 0172 2150 0052 1509 8631 075

(An email will be sent to you with a summary of your order). When depositing the money in the bank, give a reason for the transaction, the "order number" as well as your full name. Then call us at 2310-859592 or send us an email at giannis@lightexpert.gr to confirm your payment with only the following information: "Name" and "order number".

The deposit must be made within three (3) working days from the day of the order. If the corresponding amount is not deposited within this period, the order will be cancelled. The order will only be shipped if we receive the deposit.

You enter the code you received in the "Discount Code" field found in the 2nd step of completing the order and press the "Apply" button.


Yes of course...and deliveries are made with the courier company ACS Courier.

2-3 weeks from the day you place your order.


Monday and Wednesday (10am - 5pm) | Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (10am - 9pm) and Saturday (10am - 3pm).

The Light Expert team is always by your side for whatever you need!
Contact us daily in 3 different ways:

1. By filling in your information and request in the contact form you will findhere.
2. By calling us at 2310-859592 Monday and Wednesday (10am - 5pm) |
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (10am - 9pm) and Saturday (10am - 3pm).
3. By sending us an email at giannis@lightexpert.gr