Premium Piper Ceiling Lamp Ideal for Living Room, Corridors

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Pipe is a modern cylindrical lamp
small size, which is easily integrated
in the decoration to illuminate the spaces with

focused and precise light.

The construction in its structure consists of
steel and aluminum making it one very
quality lamp that will stand the test of time
and its finishes will look like the
first day you got it.

The finishes are the following three great ones:

- Metallic Black - Gold
- White - Metallic black
- Polished brass (Gold).

The double lamp also features
adjustable directional headlights
the light in such a way as to highlight
the various elements of decoration.
Available only in white with metallic
black colour.

*Lamp (Not included).

  • Single: 1 x 8W max. Type GU10.
  • Double: 2 x 8W max. Type GU10.
- Timeless design.
- Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
- There are no visible screws.
- Easy installation.
- High resistance for intensive use.
- Construction material: Aluminum and Steel.
- Warranty: 5 years

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks