Unique Voiles Wall Light/Wall Lamp for Unique Spaces

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Voiles expands the envelope of the contemporary
design for large spaces with a style
sculpture that is far from conventional
materials and shapes, choosing the traditional one

On the one hand, its asymmetrical shape
offers a different vision accordingly
with your position. From the other side,
the Japanese Washi paper lends the work a
lightness that allows continuous movement. Together
they create a poetic living piece that does
every space more beautiful.

The cables of the wall lamp can
to be tightened and the hook can be installed
to the desired height.

Steel construction in its structure in a wonderful
timeless metallic black finish. Unique
the diffuser has a Japanese Washi paper design
in a white finish creating an irresistible
warm atmosphere. At the same time you can adjust
and the intensity of the light since its switch is on
touch dimmer.

Attention, the cable from the lamp cannot
to be removed so if you want it not to look good it will
is to be placed behind a piece of furniture or a sofa.

*Lamp (Included).

  • 1 x LED 33.6Watt Total, 2700K, 1864 Real lm
    touch dimmable.

– Timeless design.
– There are no visible screws.
– Easy installation.
– High resistance for intensive use.
– Construction material: Steel, Japanese Washi sheet.
– Warranty: 5 years.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks