Modern Silent Stem Ceiling Fan with DC Motor, Dimmable Light, Remote Control

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Stem is a bladed ceiling fan
of light or dark wood and with
efficient LED bulb that creates a warm and
relaxing atmosphere in the place. Elegance and
performance are its main features.

Its light is led dimmable and you can adjust it
its volume from the remote control, also has
and CCT Technology that allows you to switch to
light color between warm warm (3000K), light
daytime (4000K) and up to cold (5000K).

This makes it a unique product that combines
technology and high aesthetics. He is equipped
with a DC motor that is energy efficient and
silent, making it as a ceiling fan
ideal for use in bedrooms and in general in
quiet spaces.

It has a forward and reverse function
air flow. A fact that achieves remarkable
saving heating costs in winter.
Suitable for rooms up to 30m². Includes
5-speed remote control and its activation
summer/winter operation.

Stem will overcome any prejudice!

It works with 5 adjustable speeds with consumption:

(rpm and Watt=consumption)

- 1st gear: 75 rpm / 3W.
- 2nd gear: 115 rpm / 7W.
- 3rd speed 150 rpm / 15W.
- 4th gear 175 rpm / 23W.
- 5th gear 200 rpm / 36W.

*Lamp: (Included):

  • 1 x LED 17.8Watt Total, CCT Technology
    (3000K – 4000K - 5000K), 1870 Real lm (Dimmable).

- Timeless design.
- Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
- Winter and summer operation.
- There are no visible screws.
- Easy installation.
- High resistance for intensive use.
- It has a programming remote control.
- Construction material: Stainless Steel | Glass
Diffuser | Wooden fins.
- Finish: Satin nickel finish.
- Warranty: 5 years, 10 years on the motor.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks