Modern Gypsum Wall Lamp/Wall Sconce Ges Circular

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Modern plaster wall lamp/sink Ges Circular
with a unique design. Elegant, with a minimal style will find
easily its place in all styles of decoration.
Made of plaster in a lovely pure white colour,
steel base and acrylic glass diffuser.

Because of its construction, you can paint it like
just as you would paint the wall of your house, with
resulting in only the scattered light being visible
offering a magical atmosphere.

Its sizes are the following two:

Ø150 and Ø260.

Quality and innovation united in one wonderful
Wall lamp!

*Lamp: (Included).

  • Size Ø150: 1 x LED 4Watt Total, 3000K,
    386 Real lm, ON/OFF.
  • Size Ø260: 1 x LED 9.1Watt Total, 3000K,
    665 Real lm ON/OFF.

– Timeless design.
– There are no visible screws.
– Easy installation.
– High resistance for intensive use.
– Construction material: Steel, Plaster, Diffuser from
Acrylic glass.
– Warranty: 5 years.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks