Luxury Hanging Ceiling Lamp Nami KDLN Unique Aesthetics For Living Room And Dining Room

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Luxury pendant ceiling lamp Nami KDLN unique
aesthetics for living room and dining room with diffused light.
Nami, which means "wave" in Japanese creates a
continuous impressive refraction of light. The diffuser, with
the characteristic elegant grooves, opens unexpectedly
on the sides to enhance the reflections creating
a magical atmosphere!

It has been designed with attention to the smallest detail
as the linear shape of the light-emitting structure in
combination with the wavy glass surface offer
combined absolute balance and innovation in the space!

Its structure is entirely made of steel while the diffuser from
glass and undeniably appears as a modern pendant
ceiling light that has a classic aesthetic side to
lasts over time. Its length is 150 cm, the
its width is 15 cm and its height is 23 cm, combining
a solid and reliable choice!

The cable reaches up to 180 cm.

The refined warm white light (2700K) of very high
LED technology with a CRI index of 90, it is dimmable (1-10V) and
you can adjust the light intensity accordingly
occasion creating an irresistibly relaxing atmosphere!

Its finishing touches are as follows:

- Black mat.
- Matt Gold (Brass).
- Glass: Transparent.

*Lamp: (Included).

  • 4 x LED 15W, 2700K, 2 x 2520 lm, CRI 90,
    Dimmable (1-10V).

– Timeless design.
– Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
– There are no visible screws.
– Easy installation.
– High resistance for intensive use.
– Construction material: Steel, glass.
– Warranty: 2 years.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks

► Overseas Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

made in Italy