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Luxury Floor Lamp ETA KDLN High Aesthetics

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Luxury floor lamp ETA KDLN of high aesthetics.
Craftsmanship and ecology in an exciting combination.
The ETA KDLN floor lamp has been designed with care
down to the smallest detail as it is handmade and all
the materials used are ecological.

It has a unique design like "a spiral object".
flooded with light that seems to reach from the
unexplored universe to adorn the space
installation". This floor lamp has been
iconic through his appearances in many films.

It consists of fiberglass and steel (internally) in two
wonderful bright colors: white - orange and unmistakable
appears as a contemporary floor lamp that has a
classic aesthetic side to last over time.

It has a built-in dimmer (dimmer) with effect
adjust the intensity of the light according to the occasion
creating an irresistibly relaxing atmosphere!

Its size is:

- Height: 200 cm.
- Width: 40 cm.

*Lamp: (Not Included).

  • 1 x 100Watt max, Type E27 + 3 x 40Watt max,
    Type E14, Dimmable.

– Timeless design.
– Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
– There are no visible screws.
– Easy installation.
– High resistance for intensive use.
– Construction material: Fiberglass, Steel.
– Warranty: 2 years.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks

► Overseas Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

made in Italy