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The dining room is a place for meeting, chatting and of course eating. A properly configured lamp is not only a source of light, but also an important decorative element that can completely change the atmosphere of the room. However, when choosing a dining room light, there are many factors to consider, including size.

High Ceiling Dining Room:

If your dining room has a high ceiling, you can choose larger and more impressive lamps that will highlight the space. Choose pendant ceiling lights to fill the space above the table.

  • Traditional Hanging Chandelier: A large and elegant hanging chandelier can create an impressive image above a large table.

  • Modern Chandelier with an Impressive Design: A modern and large lamp with an impressive design can become a central point of interest.

Low Ceiling Dining Room:

If the dining room has a lower ceiling, the lamps should be lower so as not to create feelings of compression in the space.

  • Low Profile Pendant Light: Choose a low profile pendant light, such as a simple chandelier or a modern LED light fixture.

  • Wall Lights: Alternatively, you can consider using wall lights (ceiling lamp) to save space above the table.

Dining Room with Small or Medium Table:

The size of the table also affects the choice of lamp.

  • Size to Fit the Table: The lamp should be about 1/2 to 2/3 the length of the table for balance. For a small table, a smaller lamp is preferable.

Lighting for a Dining Room with Round Shapes: Suggestions for Lighting Sizes

The choice of lighting is important to highlight your round dining table. Depending on the size of the table, the correct dimensioning of the fixtures is critical. Follow these suggestions to choose the right sizes:

  • For a table with a diameter of 1 meter (Φ100cm):
    • He used 3 lamps with a size of approximately from Ø20cm to Ø25cm. These lamps will provide even lighting and cover the area around the table well.
    • Choose 2 lamps with a size from Ø25cm to Ø40cm. These larger lamps can highlight the center of the table and give a striking style.
    • For the center of the table, choose 1 larger lamp with a diameter of Ø45cm and above. This lamp can add weight and interest to the space.

With the above selection of lighting fixtures, you can create a balanced and impressive aesthetic for your dining room, highlighting the round table in the best possible way.

1. Light Color (Warm White - 2700K to 3000K)

Choose a lamp with warm white light (2700K to 3000K) to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This light color is ideal for the dining room and provides a pleasant feeling throughout the meal.

2. Light Diffusion and Intensity

Depending on the layout of the room, choose the lamp with the appropriate light diffusion:

  • Downlighting: If there are already spot lights on the ceiling (ceiling spots), choose a light that diffuses light only downwards, above the dining table.
  • Luminaire with Integrated Diffusion (Ambient Lighting): If the lamp is the only lamp in the room, choose one that diffuses light either up - down or throughout the lamp, ensuring uniform coverage of the space.

3. Intensity (Watt - Lumen) and Adjustable Brightness (Dimmable)

Choose a lamp with enough intensity in watts and lumens to cover the required space with light. Also, ideally choose a lamp that supports dimmable function, so you can adjust the brightness with a dimmer and create the desired atmosphere.

With these instructions, you will be able to choose the ideal lamp that will shape your dining room in the best possible way, offering comfort and functionality at every meal and moment!

In conclusion, the choice of lamp depends on the dimensions of your space. By following these tips, you can choose a lamp that will create the desired atmosphere and highlight your space!

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