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bathroom light

The quality of a bathroom does not only include the right one
choice of cladding, flooring, colors or equipment. The alpha and
the omega of any part of the interior is primarily safety,
something that must be taken into account especially when installing lighting fixtures. 

There are many health hazards in the bathroom due to proximity 
of water with the current, but this can be avoided with some 
practical steps. In the following paragraphs you will learn more 
important things to remember during installation 
of the lamps in the bathroom.

Know your bathroom map

The bathroom area includes various types of lighting, the 
which are affected by water and humidity. Some me
shorter life span and some others can stand it
more intense their action. For this reason, the bathroom area is divided
in 4 seat belts . Each zone denotes a specific place
of the bathroom and has its own rules for lighting installation.

Zones are marked with specific IP codes, which
to the international standard IEC 60529 known in Greece as grade
penetration vulnerability. Except for the two letters which
mentioned above, IP codes also consist of two
digits - the first indicates the degree of contact protection
and the penetration of foreign and unwanted objects, the second
highlights protection from the effect of water.

The bathroom area is mainly covered by the classification of
protection levels from IP21 (lowest protection level) to
IP68 (highest level of protection).

bathroom light - zones
Zone 0

This zone indicates the inside of a bathtub or shower. We avoid
the usual advice to install fixtures in it
area, but when it is necessary and necessary you should choose
strictly lighting with IP68 protection and a maximum voltage of 12 volts.

Zone 1

The rules for zone 1 are quite close to the rules for zone 0.
Luminaires must also have the protection specified by
the IP codes [IP65 to IP68] and also not recommended
installation of equipment on site unless necessary.

The difference is in the definition of space, which in this case
it is a part of the bathroom from the edge of the tub and shower
up to a maximum height of 2.25 meters.

Zone 2

The area related by the rules of zone 2 is located 0.6
meters horizontally from the bathroom and shower and at a height of more than 2.25
meters. This is an area with a lower risk of exposure to
water, but it is still there and for this reason it is recommended
the installation of luminaires with IP44 degree of protection.

Zone 3

The last seat belt includes all its other parts
bathroom not covered by zones 0 to 2. The effect of
of water and humidity is lower, so it is possible to
installation of luminaires with IP21 safety marking.

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