Premium Wall Lamp/Wall Sconce H with Relaxing Lighting in Gold or Black Finish

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The "H" collection is a modern reinterpretation
of the classic conical table lamp

With the basic, archetypal geometries, the lightweight
and relaxing lighting makes the whole
lamp to stand out. It rests on a
generous diameter base, giving to
the whole set robustness, durability and
modern aesthetic touch.

The construction in its structure consists of
steel entirely making it a very
lamp that will stand the test of time
its finishes, will look like the
day you got it.

Which are:

-Metallic black.
- Matte gold.

Indirect overhead and downlight provide a comfortable,
warm lighting, while enhancing the
surrounding area.

It can be mounted on a wall and

*Lamp: (Included).
  • 1 x LED 17Watt Total, 2700K,
    553 Real lm, ON-OFF.
- Timeless design.
- Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
- Easy installation.
- High resistance for intensive use.
- Construction material: Steel.
- Warranty: 5 years.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks