Modern Hello High Aesthetic Wave Ceiling Pendant Light for Living Room and Dining Room

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Modern ceiling pendant light Hello high
aesthetics like a wave for living room and dining room!
Harmony and high aesthetics are the central points
of the modern Hello!!

A source of inspiration is nature and more specifically
the element of the sea and the waves. The shape and
its contrasts create an intimate atmosphere
through the comfortable and warm light it offers.

Hello lends a strong personality anywhere
even if placed so as to harmonize spaces
with different styles.

The refined light it has is very high
LED technology which offers a visual comfort
at 2700K (warm light). It is also dimmable and you can
adjust the light intensity accordingly
space requirements!

Unique metal and polyurethane construction
in its structure.
Its diffuser is made of acrylic glass for higher
transparency and resistance to knocks and scratches.

The finishes are as follows:

- Matt white.
- Wood brown.

With a diameter of Ø630, the Hello ceiling light is one
a real masterpiece that will be filled with warmth
and refine your space!


  • 1 x LED|K2700 |CRI 80 |W Total 28.3 |Real Lm 1341 |

- Timeless design.
- Very flexible, ideal for many installations.
- There are no visible screws.
- Easy installation.
- High resistance for intensive use.
- Construction material: Metal. polyurethane.
acrylic glass.
- Warranty: 5 years.

► Domestic Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

► Foreign Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks