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2024 brings a number of new and exciting trends in lighting that combine technology, aesthetics and sustainability. From smart lighting to natural textures, this year's trends have something for every taste and need. Let's examine the top trends that will dominate in 2024.

1. Biophilic Lighting

The trend for biophilic design continues to grow, focusing on incorporating natural elements into the interior environment. Lighting fixtures using natural materials such as wood, stone and organic forms bring an earthy, relaxing atmosphere to the space.

  • Combination of materials : Wood and metal, stone and glass.
  • Designs inspired by nature : Shapes of leaves, branches and other natural elements.

2. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting technology is becoming increasingly popular, allowing users to control their lighting through apps or voice assistants. Smart lights offer unlimited customization options, from dimming to changing colors.

  • Ease of use : Control via smartphone or voice commands.
  • Customization : Color and intensity settings for every occasion.

3. Minimalist Design

Minimalism continues to gain ground, with lamps characterized by clean lines and simple shapes. The emphasis is on functionality and aesthetic simplicity, with an emphasis on neutral colors and quality materials.

  • Pure aesthetics : Linear designs and simple forms.
  • High quality materials : Metal, glass and ceramics in minimal shades.

4. Industrial Style

Industrial style remains a strong trend, with fixtures highlighting exposed pipes, metallic finishes and retro lamps. This aesthetic offers a combination of raw and modern character.

  • Materials : Raw metal, glass, and exposed electrical components.
  • Retro influences : Edison bulbs and vintage design elements.

5. Reflective and Metallic Finishes

Shiny metallic surfaces, such as gold, copper and black nickel, are popular choices for 2024. These finishes lend a sense of luxury and elegance to fixtures, making them focal pieces of decor.

  • Shiny surfaces : Gold and copper shades.
  • Black nickel : Modern and elegant finish for a minimal aesthetic.

6. Concealed Lighting

Concealed lighting is constantly gaining ground, whether it's LED strips on shelves, or hidden lighting in the ceiling. It offers a soft and discreet brightness that highlights the space and creates an elegant atmosphere.

  • LED strips : Placed under furniture or behind mirrors.
  • Concealed ceiling : Lighting in the ceiling that offers indirect brightness.

7. Colored Lighting

The use of lamps with colored lights that can change shade through applications allows the creation of different atmospheres in the same space. Ideal for those who want to add a playful dimension to their home.

  • Custom Color : Change colors according to mood.
  • Creating an atmosphere : Colored lights for different occasions.

8. Sustainable Materials

Growing environmental awareness leads to the use of sustainable and recyclable materials in lighting fixtures. It includes the use of recycled glass, metals and plastics, as well as the creation of lighting fixtures with low energy consumption.

  • Recyclable materials : Glass, metals and plastics.
  • Energy performance : Lighting with low energy consumption.

9. Geometric Designs

The geometric designs on the lamps offer a modern and artistic character to the space. These designs can add interest and act as statement pieces.

  • Geometric patterns : Squares, triangles and polygonal shapes.
  • Asymmetry : Unusual and interesting designs that stand out.

10. Vintage and Retro Influences

Lamps with a vintage or retro aesthetic offer nostalgic references and a warm atmosphere. They include the use of retro lamps, traditional materials and classic design lines.

  • Retro bulbs : Edison bulbs and other classic types.
  • Traditional materials : Wood, bronze and other classic materials.

These lighting trends for 2024 offer a wealth of options for every taste and need. Whether you prefer minimalism, natural textures, or technological innovations, there is something for everyone. Choose the trends that suit your personal style and upgrade your home lighting with modern aesthetics and functionality.

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