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Lamp Shades

The color of the lighting affects the overall appearance of the room,
of the equipment and various items within it. Guy
lighting also affects a person's mood, promotes or undermines it
its activity or induces a feeling of relaxation. Therefore,
it is important not to neglect the choice of appropriate lighting.
This article is a short guide to help you
orient yourself in the world of lighting.

Know the colors

When choosing the lights, apart from the intensity or the
energy consumption, we also take into account its color
lighting. The coloring of the light source or otherwise chromatic
temperature is one of the most important parameters of a
light source. It represents the human perception of light
eye. Indicates whether the light source emits yellow, bright white or
blue light.

The color of light is specified in kelvins and is on the scale
1800-16000 K and the higher the value, the "colder" it is
light and the lower the value, the "warmer" the light.

Warm, neutral or cold?

We get warm white light if the price of the bulb that has the
our lamp ranges from 2700-3500 K. This light causes a
feeling of security, relaxation and calm in a person.

it is suitable for rooms where we want a relaxed atmosphere so
to feel comfortable. We use such rooms for relaxation and not
for intense activity.

Warm shades of light are soft, soothing to the eyes
and cause a pleasant atmosphere in our psyche.

This light is suitable for bedrooms, children's rooms or

In addition to the ceiling light, you can also use
warm shades of light in the lights placed on the bedside tables.
A warm shade would also be suitable for use in the living room as well,
in which we spend time with family, friends or simply
we relax in front of the TV and the warm light can
it makes this space comfortable by creating the right atmosphere.

Shades of light to yellow color are not indicated
for work or reading.

shade of light
We will achieve neutral white light if we choose lamps with
color temperature in the range between 3500-5500 K. The
neutral light stimulates a person in an activity and not his
it strains the eyes. Neutral white light supports the
our productivity, so it is recommended to place it in the
rooms where we work or study.

In other words, it is considered necessary in the cases where it has to
we have a well-lit workplace and we need
intense concentration.

It is suitable for use in the kitchen, on spotlights or on the counter
of the kitchen to illuminate the work surface well. It is also
a great solution for the bathroom or dressing room spotlights
where more realistic light is required. Outdoors, we can
to use this type of lighting to illuminate
sidewalks, driveways and front doors.

shade of light
Cold (daylight) ranges from 5500 to 6500 K. This
light is suitable for kitchen spotlights to illuminate specifically
items, such as worktops or stoves, for better and
safer food handling. It can also be used and
in the bathroom.

This light is closer to daylight, which is not
it is widely used in households, so it is more suitable
for industrial areas and medical facilities.

What kind of bulb should I choose?

Let's take a look at the types of light bulbs. All the classics
Incandescent bulbs
offer a warm shade of light. They are the
weaker bulbs with lower intensity that glow warmer.
Halogen lamps offer warm and cool shades.
The advantage is that the color of the bulb does not change with it
age, as is the case with conventional lamps. The
energy saving lamps
can also produce
a different range of the color spectrum. The LED bulbs
they are also very popular where you can set up yourself
the intensity and hue of the light.

Color changing lighting

LED lighting has also become very popular in recent years,
in which we can choose the color of the light through
a wide variety of colors.
This lighting can be a
pleasant revival, an interesting element that complements it
interior or exterior of our home.
It is an excellent medium
aesthetic decoration.

It can create an atmosphere during
of various events, such as birthday parties, barbecue parties

or a romantic date. An interesting fact that you can
to use is to set up the system so that the
colors of light to change simultaneously but in
different shades.

This lighting can be used to illuminate it
floor, desktop as well as for practice
use of staircase lighting.

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